Monday, July 7, 2014

Livepoem on the Frankfurt-Berlin train

Livepoem on the Frankfurt-Berlin train

featherstreaks greenstreaming
field, field, flatsudden
slowcar, slowcar, lacquerswap white, blue, silver, square

brakebuzzing bushylines, bluecloudy hanging,
bumpbodies rustle, droopylines down,
cross-swishing, knotgrenaded above the stopslowing.

breathwaiting, squeal, and the stop comes full.
stillhouses, brickbeauties, rosejigglers, left and right a place,
weedbodies goldreaching, slow, jerk slowmore, fastbuilding slow.

brightwaver flagripple, greenmetal linepatterns
aah, graffiticlouds, outside is dustyblah, inside is
life, babylegs, armholders, oldfaces, carrybox threateners
outside is longstreaking goldrests, greensheaves,
brownhuddle cowpatience
and - gone.

every field with the mystery curve
the swingfurrow what-hiding green, gold, deeper
the greenmetal brighterflat, field of the
three-bladers skycutting one, twolong, three. one, twostripe, three.

chocolate-box X-houses, skycutters closefacing
squealstopping here again, squarewaters swan-gleaming

sexycurve, horsegauntness, crowbatting
feathergreen closestreaking always again.

all afternoon the train, the walls,
the bodyclogged aisle that fills and
fleshempties slow-hoping, quicksqueezing
closer and farther away.

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