Saturday, July 19, 2014

World Walker - ghazal

World Walker

Knock me down if you like, sweetheart. I'll land on these feet.
Oh, the revolutions I've measured and planned on these feet.

I am a balloon animal, tied all up in colorful knots,
Head in the clouds and sweet hot sand on these feet.

Hey honey, I know things. I've walked over pebbles and shards.
Over dirt and concrete, and across hallowed land on these feet.

I have been worshiped and spat at, kissed and ignored,
I've been puny and I have stood fiery and grand on these feet.

Failed at wheels. Fell from trees. Scared to jump. But I've walked!
Count the decades and roads that I've trampled and spanned on these feet.

There will not always be another sky, another loud horizon.
When the sea cracks and the earth boils will I still stand on these feet?

You can't prove I exist. You can't see me or touch me.
But I chase you and whirl to my silent big band, on these feet.

You are my whispered wish and I am yours.
We keep going, my secret, hand in hand, on these feet.

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